1964 Bonnie!

                         Note the "PEDESTRIAN KILLERS" sticker on the r/s shock!!! Good times!!

Miss Junk's M/C update!

So the petrol tank had 4 leaks that had to be silver soldered & the dents are currently being pulled and ready for primer! She is unsure of the color of the tins at this point!
  Out with the valves! Gettin ready for NEW valves, springs, keepers, etc.
 With a 3 angle cut seats!
Out with the old & in with the NEW!! More to come!


Miss Smut's Motor Part 2

Ever thing is lookin pretty good so far! Cylinders may only need a quick ball hone, but they still need to be measured and a couple of the cylinder stud nutz got to meet my friend Map Gas!! I need to get the crank out before the end of the week, so stay tuned!!!



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Miss Smut's Triumph....

  now the exhaust is mounted where we want it and everything is in it's place, it's time to take the power plant out and get to that crank.

 One hour & several stories later, the motor is out! Off we go to see just what's under that one year only, 1966 500cc, 4 point mounted petrol tank! We counted 7 different paint jobs!!! It started black to blue to metal flake red to green to white to baby blue and finally to dark green with an epoxy grey primer. We finally found good metal!!

 Then off with their heads!!! I end up doing a quick head removal just to see how we are lookin, and everything looks pretty good so far! I'll have it down to the cranks with more pix Monday !! STAY TUNED!!


Triumph Scrambler 2011....

take a stock Scrambler powder coat the wheels, levers, headlamp trim, read brake master cylinder cover, shifter & rear brake lever. Add some big knobby tires with some Works shocks. Add a skid plate & bottom engine guards with a 2 into 1 Arrow exhaust system. Put on some ProTaper handlebar risers and bars with a killer black anodized front brake master cylinder. Add  a small run/brake light with a green Line-X bedliner paint job and you are almost ready for some dirt in style!!!! And this is a NEW 2011 TRIUMPH!!! RAD!!!



                                                                         Pre-Unit & Unit!