Another Classic........

                                from the boys at Classic Cycles in Orange, California!


DANO sez.............

"Super stoked to be included in an article on Pigs
in the new Blue Magazine from Japan" DANO'S BOARDS RULE!!! Old M/C's & Retro Surfboards!

Gonna be a long weekend......

                                                                      with NO SLEEP!!

JULY 29, 2011
@ Tiki Bar
Costa Mesa, CA
with: Dime Runner, the JunK, The Pushers & SMOGTOWN!
JULY 30, 2011
@ Redwood Bar
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
with: the boners, the JunK & SMOGTOWN!

I'd like to get.......

                                                                         one of these!!!


'51 AJS Model 18

                                                                             Very Nice!


More Vintage Drag!!

I've always like this one too!

                                                                   With a nice ice cold COORS!
                                             I know John, Your a BUD man! Come get your SHIRT!


NEW Bushing is in......

the new cam gear cover! Now off to be polished with detailed instructions on NOT polishing the badges.  
                                                        Then installed on the 1950 6T!!


                                                                          Dragster Kits!!!


Drag bike..



Nice Paint...


                                                                   Monsters Rule!!


If you like this......


soundtrack, you would of loved Northside of the Huntington Beach Pier Yesterday! Davie Allan & The Arrows played their songs from The Wild Angels soundtrack! Lemme tell you this, it sounded so good live!!! It was INSANE!


Julia Smut's NEW ART BLOG.......

is here! She has been doing art since a kid and has been a rad graphic artist for years! She is in 3 bands, works a 9-5, runs a FREE fanzine, has her own record label, has a vintage british car, vintage Triumph 500, & helps several bands, and friends with various projects (including yours truly) She has made a new blog that is only ART! You should check it out!!! juliasmutart.blogspot.com


New project direction.........

                                                                 this is the way I'm headn'!!!


AJS dirt bike..

                                                                    for a mere $3500.00!!!


It's always about dicks with Spalds!

Chris D @ TKO Records......

is comin up!! This Record with it's all star line is so good!!! I have seen, The Flesh Eaters live, with this line up, & it was amazing!! One of the top ten show i've seen ever!!! This should be awesome event!!!


We're runnin one of these.....

                                                       On this M/C!!! We're gettin close!!!