Gas Stop!

If wanna see.........

a real punk band with that hint of Danger in the air I'll see Dec.2nd in the South Bay! Wear your helmet & yes that is Mr. Ramjet!!


Old Gold Garage Co.......

                                              is here: http://oldgoldgarageco.blogspot.com/
Dan, Ritch, Nick, Harpoon, Skratch, & myself all had some great times runnin the streets of Los Angeles about a decade ago! Since then we all have been very busy with life, various projects, & starting up businesses. Recently we have been reconnecting a bit & it's good to hear everyone is doing good & stayin busier than ever! The photos are a few things Dan has been workin on over the past few years & has a shop in Ventura, bikes & cars and a tattoo shop in Studio City. Maybe one day we'll have a Pedestrian Killer Reunion!


This is how I do it!

                                              7-Eleven every day for lunch!!! Just ask Spalds!!

Pre-Unit Upgrades.......

                are gettin laid out!!! Need some nickel plate & polish & on the lift she goes!! Stay tuned!!

Pre-Unit Sandwich.....

look at the meat in the middle. Yep, that's Hampers Pan! Scotty Zombie took the photo. He's got a new photo blog!!! I'm a sucker your good pix!!!


Pick one and go for a burn!

                                                                 See ya out there today!!


What a night!

Spent last night at TKO Records with Alice Bag... What a Night. Also saw Mr. J.L. Grisham there. Two PUNK ROCK legends!!! What a GREAT Friday night! If you missed this, you missed stories and music from Los Angeles's punk rocks infancy. Both Jack & Alice have GREAT books out about their lives during this period in Southern California history & both are taken @ very different perspectives. If you weren't there during these years in Southern California, these books are the next best thing and will get ya a good idea of what was going on @ that time. A truly golden period in punk rock history!! Thank you Alice and thank you to my good friend Jack.

Happy Birthday........

                                to Lux Interior. His birthday was yesterday born October 21,1946.



                                         1966 Triumph 500, "Julia Junk's Power Plant"

Yep it's a ARD!!! Gotta pick up some chrome Monday & Spend some nights in the Garage..... Just lettin                  
know George!!! See ya soon good buddy!!!