Joyrides Art Company.......

Mark over at Joyrides Art Company is at it again with some VERY cool original one off  8"x 10" prints. Ya can get them @ http://joyridesartco.blogspot.com/
Mark rules!!!


BSA Dirt.......

                                                                      Tracker!!!!! RAD!!!!

Born Free Bound.....

                           just tweakin on things get her ready for the show! See ya all there!!!


Two of South Bay's Best......

Dano Surfboards RULE!!!!!!!

                                                               Costa Mesa, California


                                    RAD BSA ready for some Southern California dirt!!


Happy Fathers Day....

                                                                  at the 27th Century shindig!!
                                                                       Thanx again Cindy!!!



Picked up a REMIXED copy of one of my all time favorite albums last nite and boy what a difference some $$$ makes when ya mix a album like it should be (if ya have the dough)!!! One of the only times I've almost been knocked out in my life is when IGGY did a header on top of me at the old Palace in Hollywood 3 times in one nite!! He kept winking & lickin his lips, but I didn't know if it was at me or the hot chick next to me!!! One of the BEST all time LIVE!!! INSANE!!! Sept. 7th HOLLYWOOD BABY!!!!!!!! See ya in the front!!!!! Leave yer teeth at home!!!!!

Miss Smut's Triumph....

tank is painted & badges are gonna be painted too!!! This color is VW Bamboo!! It really pops in person!!! Should be very different!! Santa Ana spray booth!!! Thanx Rad Brad!!!