I'm done for a bit...........

                                                                       busy moving! Stay tuned!!

In the rain.......

Monday, I was able to shim out and finish up installing the new swing arm spindle & bushings for my pre- unit swing arm project!



                                                                  "World's Best Motorcycle"

Will be in..........

                             by weeks end! New shower, 40 gallon water heat, & mezzanine!!
                                                                             Stay tuned!


Gonna start doin more of this.........

                                                                          skate surf style!



                                                                  @ Alex's Bar in Long Beach!

I always liked this one.........

                                                             from 4 Aces Cycle! Pictures & build also from 4 Aces!

Jeff's 45. You may remember Jeff as the owner of the Spiderwebbed bike below. Well Jeff could not get enough of motorcycles when he got his Triumph so he started hanging around and helping me out in the shop. He starts dreaming up another build and this WL project falls into our lap. We make a little progress on it, but don’t get too serious right away. Fast forward a couple months and the Horse Backstreet Choppers taps us to do a “build-off” at their annual Smoke-Out West. We decide to finish the WL project because it has the most “show” potential of anything in the shop. Plus we wanted to show off our Vintage Harley prowess. It took about four months of REALLY hard work to pull it off. We had lots of help from Frank and Andy and Mike Parti and a few others including the soon to be legendary painter Nick-O-Teen. Here is the result. Well we won the Smoke out and a first place trophy at the Grand National Roadster Show as well as an award for “Most Outstanding Use of Color” at the GNRS. The bike is headed for the invitation only Legend of the Motorcycle Show in Half Moon Bay, CA.



Almost there!

                                                                Nomad's Cycle new home!



                                      They just don't make tuff Rock'nRoll bands like this anymore!


Billy Rath.........

                                                           last night in Long Beach! RAD!


What a night.......

                in Studio City! Thanx for the party Dan!!!! Lotsa good friends I've seen in a while!!!