1952 6T....

                                                                     I wanna race them too!

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Hairy Larry said...

There's my bike! Always wanted one from the year I was born. Had to settle for a '56, which is close enough I suppose. Go for it man, race one. Even at my "advanced" age I wanna go racing in the geezer class... At least I want to put together a Desert Sled and a Flat Tracker and go out and have some fun.
Enjoy your blog...my father was born and raised in the Lynwood-Compton area. Lot of my relatives still down there. My grandfather and Uncle both worked for Union Oil down there all their lives.
Used to rent a shop/studio where a lot of the local punk bands hung out and practiced (here in Sacto), so it's interesting reading your blog for the music stuff too. "Tales of Terror" ,"Junk Waffle" and others...that was a few years ago.