You know who you are!!!


DutchmanPhotos said...

Hey Damon,
How's it goin'..?
Been a long, long while man.. Just found out about your blog the other week. Looks good man!! Love your work.
Anyways, I had kind of an "off year" when it comes to motorcycle photography work last year, but 2 months ago or so, your bike was featured in our silly Big Twin magazine over here. I'm gonna try to get you a copy if you like. I could also make some scans for you. Whatever you like. kee up the good work.

NOMAD69 said...

Howzit Maurice!!! That would be cool if ya can get one!! I'll send ya some dough, if ya find one! Hope everything is good with you & next time your in California drop me a line!!! You keep up the good work and I will talk to ya soon!