Hairy Larry said...

In the 60's I knew a guy that beat me to a full-race kitted cub our old shop teacher sold. Can still hear the sound of that little beast as he raced through our local field track.
Do you follow "Gorgeous Biker Chick's" blog? She rebuilt a little cub, and then rode it all over Scotland to raise money for Charity. If I wasn't so big I'd like to have one. I'm building A BSA B-40 (350cc) trials bike. Essentially a further incarnation of the cub.
Wonder how fast that little streamliner went?

NOMAD69 said...

Yep, I luv cubs! I've been lookin for one to be a project for a while now! I have a 1968 BSA B25 250cc that is so fun!!! The singles have their own spot in my heart!!!