Face lift done ........ Part 1

                                                for now. First we will lay out our parts.
I'm puttin in a NEW Morgo oil pump (plunger type), because my oil pressure relief valve has never worked. When you work on old bikes (or cars) & you take on little upgrades, you are always weary because of what you could or could not find. In a nut shell so many people have been in these things using the wrong tools and/or wrong parts. Lot of the round hole, square peg syndrome. So with that said let's remove the timing cover...............
besides the wrong length timing cover screws, everything is lookin good so far. A couple things need tightened up, but no big problems.
 here's the stock oil pump. These are very good pumps. They have been running this thing this long & It's older than me..............
                                                   But we are gonna upgrade! Off she goes!!
 First thing I notice the oil pump nuts were for a unit Triumph. So let's get the correct hardware on there! These small details make a big difference! New nutz!!
                                     Here we are, with her new heart transplant! Went smooth so far.
                                                                              20% more
thats it for now. I have to order the correct timing cover screws. These covers had (7) short & (3) long.
                                                                            Stay tuned!!!!!

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