Thanx again........

       John for the KILLER tee shirt!!! And a thank you too to my Japanese visitors for the stickers!!
Nomad's Cycle had some company the other night! Short but very sweet!! Thanx again for the stuff you two!!!! See ya see soon Johnny on the shoulder! Hahah!!


contiita said...

This is contiita.this mail was made up by my sis. I guess u know that. lol
Well,I've got Japan.
Thank you for showing your garage. I was glad to see ur bikes.
I forgot to bring a PiNHEADS tshirt to give u so I'm gonna send u.
When I want parts I'm gonna write u.

NOMAD69 said...

Rad! Glad you had a good time! Anytime your here stop on by! It was good to meet you and your sister!! She is cool!! Lemme know when ya need something & i will keep my eyes peeled for ya! I hope to make it out your way sometime soon!! Here's my email Address: devlsdonut@hotmail.com Keep it touch!!
Thanx again,