Ya Got One?..... I'm still lookin!!

For a Triumph pre-unit, swing arm model, inner primary(chain case) for an alternator set up. Cast # T1600 in great to good shape. If ya got one ya wanna sell lemme know @: devlsdonut@hotmail.com


Hairy Larry said...

Rats, dug out that inner primary and it's not the right one and is in pretty sad shape...some pics of it at my blog. And a pile of rust that hopefully will be my swingarm frame again someday. Someone has a nice looking pre-unit swingarm frame for sale on E-Bay right now. Have fun at the gig.

NOMAD69 said...

Larry, Thanx alot for lookin!!! I saw that frame on ebay! Looks pretty solid!!! Let's get you on the road!!!! Really, Thanx again!!