Ya Got One?

I need one. Pre-Unit inner & outer alternator covers for swing arm models! Lemme know if ya got one &  maybe we can work something out!


Hairy Larry said...

Last time I was out in the carport stumbled across a tranny that still has an inner primary attached to it. I'll check it out against your pic this weekend and see what sort it is. You would of loved the shop I worked at in the 70's. Bought every third bike through was some kind of old Triumph. I miss those days, but it sure looks like you are living them now. Had no idea Roth was such a prolific 'art painter'as well as all the other stuff he did.

NOMAD69 said...

Howzit Larry!! Roth was the man. He had alot of artist work for over the years. David Mann & Robert Williams are just two of the greats!! I used to & still do once in a while do some pinstripin & Ed showed me so many great tips! I miss him dearly!! Thanx for the great comments!!! Always appreciated & lemme know what ya find in that garage of yours!! Thanx again!!