Mike Lohrman's Triumph Pre-Unit....

Hell On Wheels
               This M/C is so clean! Here it is gettin some TLC over at Meatballs "Hell On Wheels"
       Mike at the Rooster Cafe, Just before the ride up to Santa Barbara on the 2010 Gentlemens Ride!!!
                                                                      Runnin like a top!!!!
                                                                         He SURFs!!!

Dano says: "Mike's totally sweet paisley deck pin tail. Just screams for a long Indonesian pointbrake."Surfboard by Dano!! INSANE!!!

photo by:arab

                                                                             He SKATEs!!!!
                                                                     And he SINGs!!!!

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DANNY DEAN said...

Hi My name is Danny Dean, I was the owner of the 53 Triumph Thunderbird 650 that you now own, I had it for almost twenty years, also had a 57 triumph t-110 Tiger before the Thunderbird. I am so happy you kept my old bike stock, thank you. Do you think I can see her again some day? Also I now own a full Analog recording studio if you need to record let me know. talk with you soon, Danny Dean