Chavez holdin his new Dano Rocket Fish!!! Circa 1980's!?!? RAD!! Check Dano's handy fin work!

stolen by punkassphotos.com

Chavez on VOX!!!!

Tim (Drummer of SMOGTOWN) holdin his insane Dano Rocket Fish!! First off, every Dano Surfboard is hand made right here in the U.S.A. & they are truly a work of art. When ya order one and pick it up you don't know if ya should ride it or hang it on the wall in your living room!!! They can do any color combo ya want!! Go down to PURE GLASS in Costa Mesa and get yourself one!! With all that being said, if you haven't seen SMOGTOWN yet, you haven't seen shit yet!! They are one of South Orange County's BEST kept secrets!! They will be playing at Doheny Saloon (The Doho) some time in March with Damaged Goods & The Junk as the opening acts!! Just like old times!!

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