Riky Barnes....part 2.....

The Pushers 7" on Hostage Records a few years back!! The pushers, with Riky on vox, are gonna play some shows around town soon!! Check them out because they rule live!!!

                                                                           Gas stop!!!

                                                       Riky at The Turf 1988!!!

                                                            Santa Barbara bound!!

                                                       Riky Barnes Black Label Model
                                                     (someone sold it!! I wish I had it!!)

                                        Check out Lohrman's Pre-Unit in the background!!
                                                      My Riky Barnes Black Label deck!
What can I say other than what a cool cat Riky is!! All around nice guy that rides M/Cs, Skates, Surfs, Sings (in several bands), and is currently busy raising the next generation of barneses!! He is on, as a guest, one of the "Surf & Destroy" podcast! When ya get to know him he is very funny as well!!! Next time ya see him ask him about his White Limo!!! RAD!!!

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