Pedestrian Killers.......

Car club about ten years ago. Dean, now with Dice magazine, did this profile on our car club back in 2001 for Roll and Pleats!! Brings back some great memories. Nick-O-Teen is a insane painter, and he was in the middle of painting 1931 sedan all Gold metalflake. When it was done it was INSANE!! I have a killer Triumph petrol tank he painted for me that is going to be used in a future project. Dan (the founder of the Pedestrian Killers) has always had a handful of cool cars and motorcycles around. Dan now owns and runs Old Gold Garage in Ventura. Dan also is a killer artist and has been for years!! I remember Ritchie having a hell of a time trying to get somebody to lay down outline pinstripes  those crazy scallops  on the Caddy. Later members included where The Harpoon who is a INSANE painter as well and he was painting, striping, and silkscreening back then and had been for a while!! And then ya had Skratch, from Skratch's Garage, who now has a Fab shop and can pinstripe like there in no tomorrow!! GOOD TIMES!!!!!

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